The Masculine Shower


I either have the most thoughtful, sweetest, wonderfulest husband in the whole world.  Or I have a sneaky, no-good, cheap husband who does sweet things to get out of having to buy me chocolates for Valentine’s Day.  The jury is still out, but I’m leaning towards the first.

Chris is throwing me a baby shower.  That’s right.  A baby shower.  My tool-toting, Man Cave dwelling, beer-drinking husband is throwing me a baby shower.  He first mentioned it to me a few weeks ago and I thought maybe it was just a passing thought.  But then I actually received his e-vite (he e-vited me to my own shower) and he’s actually doing it.

When he asked me about it a few weeks ago, I told him I wasn’t sure.  I didn’t think it was “appropriate” for the father to throw a baby shower.  But then he explained that it was really more of a “Yay!  Katie’s Pregnant” party at our house.  No gifts.  No games.  No girly things.  It was just a celebration of…ME!  Well, whose gonna say no to that?

I have to show you what he wrote in e-vite.  It will make you want to send Chris flowers for Valentine’s Day, I’m sure:

You are cordially invited to Katie’s Baby Shower, with a twist.  You see I’m not one for traditional baby showers, i.e. the smelly diaper games, guess the baby food, cute clothes, and all of that other crap.  Trust me it only takes one baby bottle chugging contest to ruin baby showers forever for me.  So a traditional shower is out of the question.  However, I am really excited about having a baby and I would love to host a “shower” for my mom-to-be.  Kate has already gone through so much for this little guy and would love to toast the occasion and let her know how great she is for taking care of the little Bean in her belly.  She is doing so good already and will be a great mom come June, for this she deserves a celebration!
So put on your big boy pants and your big girl dresses, get all dolled up and come over to enjoy a great evening with friends.

He went on in the e-vite to explain that because money was tight for everyone, people should bring their own drinks in lieu of a gift, and that he would explain to the baby when he was born that people brought him the best shower gift possible – his first beer.

Is that not the most sweetest, adorable thing in the whole wide world?  If I wasn’t already, I’d marry him all over again.  And not just cause he knocked me up.  Although I’m sure that would be a factor in the decision…

(NOTE TO CHRIS:  I still want the whole shabang for Valentine’s Day.)

(NOTE TO CHRIS:  “Shabangs,” by definition, still include jewlery.)


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14 responses to “The Masculine Shower

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  2. What a sweet hubby you have there! Sounds like a keeper.

  3. archiveslives

    That’s actually a really cool idea. At first, I was like, WTF, Chris can’t be throwing baby showers—he doesn’t know how to hang streamers (which he might, actually. I don’t even know him).

    But I like it—I do.

    The only problem now is that when I’m pregnant, such an idea will never occur to PK and I will be bitter for 9 months that he didn’t throw me a shower. Whereas before, I had no intention of ever letting him. Poor Kyle…

  4. Sonya

    Serious brownie points Chris! I like your style.

  5. Gina

    Yay Chris!!

    He has a point though, give me beer over “Guess the Baby Food” any day!

  6. Katie

    okay, cutest sweetest husband ever… nice going chris!

  7. We had “3 B’s” showers for all four of ours: Barbeque, Beer, and Baby! They were for both sexes, all members of the family and all of our friends. We had a great time without the games, and men as well as women exclaimed that they were the best showers they’ve ever been to! I don’t know why society thinks men must be excluded from these – they’re part of the reason FOR them! 😀

  8. Sarah

    My exact, out-loud words when I read the e-vite were, “Omygosh, Chris is so cute.” That is so sweet and we will gladly bring beer for the Bean.

  9. What a good Hubby. I think you should be his valentine! 🙂

  10. Hey there!

    You are adorable. I saw your site on my google analytics and had to check it out. Fun. I am honored to be on your blogroll. (And I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you to get a bit of jewelry for Valentine’s this year) 🙂

    Teach and Tickle

  11. Lori

    That’s so sweet!

  12. Very sweet. Go Chris. I agree, you deserve to be celebrated. Have a great time and enjoy!

  13. um…you have the best blog ever?