Baby Steps

I’m warming up to thinking about the whole labor/delivery/shooting people out of my body thing.  To get used to the idea,  I’ve decided to concentrate on an area of my pregnancy that involves the hospital.

My hospital bag.

Its much easier to get my head around what my body is about to go through if I know exactly what I’m going to be wearing.  I’ve spent the past few nights looking for the perfect overnight duffle bag and pajamas to take to the hospital with me.

I think I’ll carry this duffle bag:


Who wouldn’t be okay going anywhere when they are carrying this duffle?  I mean, one look at those happy flowers and I almost forget that I’m about to drop a watermelon between my legs.  

I said almost…

When I first started looking at pajamas, I picked out these snazzy pants:


And this cute little robe:


Isn’t that cute and so very non-baby-shooter-outer-ish?  I really loved it.  But then I sent it to Chris and he reminded me that it may not be a good idea to wear PANTS on the day that I’m supposed to GIVE BIRTH.  Point of entry and all that jazz… So, now I am on the hunt for the perfect nightgown.  Something cute and sweet.  This will be the first time I meet the baby, and I want to make a good first impression.  Besides, when you are wearing something warm, soft, and pretty like this you can almost forget that you are about to go through the most pain you’ve ever experienced in your life.  

I said almost…

And speaking of the baby, I have been searching for his new duds, too.  Here is what he’s going to be wearing home from the hospital:


With this little hat:


And these little socks:


Wrapped in this little blanket:


Isn’t it the cutest?  It looks so clean.  You just KNOW he’s going to smell good when he’s wrapped in sweet peas.  And when a little bitty baby looks clean and smells like a sweet peas, you can almost forget that he just ripped your body in half.  

I said almost…

See what a big girl I’m being about this?  See how I’m facing my fears and learning about what I’m getting ready to experience?  In all honesty, it doesn’t seem so bad.  Its almost like I’m accepting what’s coming and embracing this new miracle of life that is about to torpedo out of my body.

I said almost…


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10 responses to “Baby Steps

  1. Hilary

    Oops, I just read the end of your post about facing your fears and looking at this experience as a beautiful miracle. Please disregard everything I previously wrote. Having a baby is a breeze, you’re going to look incredible at every moment, and there will most certainly be sunshine streaming through your window as you look tenderly into your son’s eyes for the first time. There. That’s better.

  2. Hilary

    Oh you sweet, innocent, pregnant girl! I love that you have taken pains to look cute for your baby and all those photos that people will take when the little guy comes. Please don’t think I’m making fun, my own mother admitted to putting on her make-up and doing her hair before she went into labor with me (18 hours later and you can guess how she looked). To be honest, I was so happy to have that ugly hospital gown when I had my daughter instead of something I liked (or cost money). The dirty little secret they don’t tell you about having a baby is the nastiness doesn’t stop after you deliver – oh, no, you will be wearing the equivalent of an adult diaper for at least a week including gauze pads, topical cream, and ice packs all wedged between your legs so that you look like a cowboy who’s just ridden for three days straight. It’s not a pretty process. My “glowing” new mommy photos looked more like the picture of a deranged mental patient holding a newborn. But some people definitely prefer their own clothes, so go with what makes you happy. Your baby’s outfit is adorable, by the way!

  3. I LOVE that outfit you picked for the ‘bean’! It makes me want to have another….crap.

    Psst..did you get my email? I want to send you a prize!

  4. So you know how we share a brain and all that? Well, you’ll never believe it… I wore those EXACT pajama pants, just in purple, the day after I had Sam in the hospital. I brought a gown as well cause I wasn’t sure how that would all pan out. The gown you can wear right after you have the baby (if you even feel like changing into it, I never did) cause they’ll still be checking stuff out in no-man’s land, but I’d bring the pants for the next day. They probably won’t be messing around down there and you’ll probably feel more comfortable in pants with visitors in your room.

  5. Retail therapy always helps, even if it is only picking out clothes online.

  6. You’re making progress!! What a great idea of what to focus on. I’m sure that’s gonna be my “eye on the prize” device when the time comes…

  7. Sarah

    Oh and just wanted to say I read a ton of blogs but I get the MOST excited when you update yours!!

  8. Sarah

    You’re making good steps Katie…very cute items you have picked out! Now to work on no longer referring to labor with words such as “shooting and “torpedo.” Haha

    It’ll most likely be a long process!
    Here’s another blog I read, the author just posted her birth story.

    Just go ahead and read this–> (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)

    So just read at your own pace, and if it gets to be much you can always stop!

  9. Wow, you are being a big girl. I’m being a big ole baby – prolly a bigger one that the one inside me!! Yikes. I’m somewhat terrified. But focusing on the fun side of it – clothes and gowns just might get me through it. 🙂

  10. good steps… bring the pj pants for after.. i wish i would have brought yoga pants to wear instead of the horrible hospital gown! when you are in labor the hospital gown is perfect with your cute robe! don’t forget comfy slippers or flip-flops for walking around… and socks.. my feet were FREEZING in the hospital… oh and bring two outfits for the lil’ guy.. the one i brought was WAY too big for zoey…. other than that you shouldnt need anything else for him… whatever he needs you can steal from the hospital…