Where’s My Cookie????

Its that most wonderful time of the year again.  Girl Scout Cookie season!  This is my favorite season.  Winter is wonderful.  Spring is spectacular.  But Girl Scout Cookie season is glorious.  Its no coincidence to me that they come around the Easter season because they are the epitome of God’s graciousness.  Tag-a-longs and Jesus.

Every year I order at least 10 boxes.  At. Least.

A lot of people go for the Thin Mints.  Those are pretty good.  But I’m partial to the Tag-a-longs myself.  Crunchy cookie, creamy peanut butter, all wrapped in a milk chocolate hug…


Sorry, I blacked out for a minute.  Where was I?

Ah, yes…  Tag-a-longs.  I also really love the Somoas, and the great thing about those is that Chris doesn’t like them so I get the whole box to myself.  Wanna see what the end of the world looks like?  Try interrupting me when I’m chowing on some Somoas.  I dare you.


This year, however, I made a colossal mistake.  Huge.  I forgot to order cookies.  I remembered one morning a few weeks ago, but when I asked my dealer (a.k.a. the guy in my office who sells them for his niece) about his supply, he said that the sign up sheet had come and gone.  I about lost it.  Right there next to the office water cooler.

How would I live?  How could I go on?  I had missed Girl Scout Cookie season!  Life was not worth living.  Not at all.

Fortunately, my quick-thinking husband ordered them at his office from a co-worker so we were covered.  The only downside was that he’s cheap and skinny and so he only ordered something lame like 4 boxes.  But that’s 4 more boxes than I ordered, so I didn’t complain…for long.

But it has been MONTHS now.  MONTHS.  And the cookies have not been delivered.  I keep asking Chris when we’re supposed to get them, but all he says is that I need to settle down.

Settle down?  How am I supposed to settle down when everywhere I turn someone is eating a Girl Scout Cookie?  How am I supposed to settle down when I have visions of Tag-a-longs haunting my dreams?  How am I supposed to settle down when I’m settling for Oreos in my cookie jar instead of Somoas?  HOW, CHRIS?  TELL ME HOW!

I finally convinced him to at least ask the guy at his office when they were supposed to be in, and the guy said this week.  But are there Girl Scout Cookies in my hand?  No.  Are there Girl Scout Cookies in my lunch?  No.  No there are not.  And this is completely unacceptable.  I tried to get Chris to call the guy again today, but he won’t do it.  I said he should explain to him that his wife is pregnant and unstable and in desperate need of a Girl Scout Cookie, but he still wouldn’t do it.

“Fine,” I said.  “Then give me his number.  I’ll place an anonymous phone call.”

“I don’t think so,” Chris replied.  “I think you need to chill out a little.  They are just cookies.”

Clearly, Chris is not 6 months pregnant or he would know what a stupid comment that is.

Time are tough, people.  Really tough.  I’ve got bills to pay, children to make, husbands to tame, and eyebrows that seriously need waxing.  All I’m asking for is a cookie.

Is that too much to ask?


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15 responses to “Where’s My Cookie????

  1. I feel like I’m missing out living in the UK!

  2. In Rhode Island they aren’t called Somoas anymore. Sigh.

  3. archiveslives

    Good thing you don’t live in Canada. They don’t exist (well, only chocolate and vanilla kinds exist). When I found that out, I searched for a recipe for samoas and FOUND ONE. It works, and it’s delicious. Only I’m not supposed to say that because I’m on a diet. Dang.

  4. Funny that you call them the “up north” names. Does central/northern Florida also call them tag-a-longs. In South Florida we call them Carmel Delights and Peanut Butter Patties.

  5. Jackie

    Now that was way too funny. Obviously, my son doesn’t understand the cookies. Then again, he’s pretty sensible. Maybe he’s trying to protect you from yourself. Although, there may need to be some type of control or limit to your cookie addiction. It’s so hard to pass up those yummy delights. I have no idea why they only sell them once a year. Doesn’t Walmart know how much money they could make if they could figure out how to stock Girl Scout Cookies! I agree with Jordan, that idea of handing them money and immediately getting cookies is SWEET! Good look with the cookie hunt. I hope they arrive soon. Love you!

  6. emilyroseposts

    ’tis true. I have all but given up on the 2009 Girl Scout Cookie Eat-A-Thon.

  7. I have to laugh I once asked him to bring home some sweet bologna and he brought home ring, I lost my shit I tell ya.

    Samoa’s Yum mee.

  8. Carolyn

    Umm, Tell me more about…. Holy Responsibility Batman…. She has the cutest little house ever, with 2 matching little girls that may or may not have conned me into buying 15 boxes of Girl Scout cookies while I was there.

    Try her. She might have your cookies….

  9. Carolyn

    Not to worry! Go here:
    type in your zip and it will tell you the Girl Scout Council near you. On the council web page it has a list of when & where the scouts are holding the booth sales. There are plenty of cookies. Pregnant women should not have to go without.

    I really enjoy your blog. I’ve been married for 15 years now and we have 3 kiddos. It is fun watch someone else go through the stages. It only gets better.

  10. maureenlynn

    ohmygosh! girl scout cookies! you have some funny names for peanutbutter patties and caramel delites (the coconut ones- those are my favorite)

  11. Lori

    Tag-a-longs are my favorite too and I ate a whole box of them last week. Well, the baby helped…

  12. MMMM I am right there with you with that Peanut Butter Patty…wait, that is what it used to be called….tagalongs….whatever. I agree with Jordan, go to Walmart or Target….I know they will be out selling them…just you watch!

    P.S. You might need to join S.C.A.R. I am a member and can get you in….
    Scouting Cookie Addictions and Recovery–
    That is the professional term for this disease you speak of.

  13. Kristin

    I LOVE Tag-a-longs! They are AMAZING! I got my box last week..HA 🙂

  14. Mmmm… girl scout cookies!!! I just got mine yesterday & was literally jumping for joy!

  15. You could always try going to the grocery stores or walmart on the weekends- they’re often out there selling them. And at that point you don’t have to wait; you hand them money, they hand you cookies!