Hello Hormones

My mom and dad are visiting from Florida this week and so we have spent the past few days doing what you always do when your parents are in town – taking them shopping so they can buy things for you and eating at expensive restaurants.  Its been great!  Yesterday, my mom and I shopped for baby things for the nursery.  I found the cutest little baby blue baskets to sit on the shelves and hold important baby things like…well…I’m not quite sure what yet.  But there will be important baby things.  And when there are, there will be baby blue baskets to hold them.

The funny part about spending time with my mom is that we seem to be experiencing similar hormone issues.  She’s going through menopause and I’m 7 months pregnant.  You really want to avoid both of us right now.  Sometimes, I’d turn around to say something to her in a store and she’d be peeling layers of clothes off her body and threatening bodily harm if she didn’t get to a fan in about 3 seconds.  The next minute, I’d suddenly have the urge to get naked and jump in a glacier bay.  Hot flashes are no joke people.  All I could think about were all those times before I was pregnant when my mom would have a hot flash and my smart ass sister and I would start throwing ice cubes at her and blowing on her through straws, laughing at how silly she looked wearing a bathing suit in November.

Now, I don’t particularly find that funny.

Aside from the hot flashes, I’ve noticed a little bit of an…how do I say it?…attitude in myself lately.  I’m not gonna lie.  I’ve been a bit snippy.  But, in my defense, in about 10 seconds I go from snippy to laughing hysterically.  And then from laughing hysterically to crying.  Its kind of an incredible sight to behold, really.  Last night Chris and I were laying in bed talking about what a fun weekend we had and I was laughing at something he said and then all of a sudden I got all teared up.  For no reason.  Just got all sad right there.  And then I got pissed because Chris didn’t understand why I was crying.  And then in about 2 minutes, I was sound asleep.  Whoa.

The only thing I can figure is that my hormones are having a hay day in there.  They must have seen all the fun my swelling ankles were having and decided they wanted to get in on it, too.  Now they are throwing parties and inviting over more hormone friends to make life even more fun.  Its actually not so bad, to be honest.  I mean, I’m a bit of a lunatic right now, but I’d prefer that than to be nauseous or not able to eat anything.

…Although, I’m pretty sure that if given the choice, Chris would prefer my head to be in a toilet somewhere.



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3 responses to “Hello Hormones

  1. I just know I’m going to be a crazy pregnant lady. I’m already crazy on a normal day!

  2. I am with you 100%. Mom and I went shopping on Saturday and I am telling you what, I about had a heat stroke everywhere we went. She laughed at me as she wore her JACKET, but it was no laughing matter. I have decided to embrace my new red face.

  3. Julie

    Just wait til after you give birth when your hormone levels PLUMMET and you haven’t slept for more than 2 hours straight since you were pregnant…Chris will long for the days of your pregnancy!
    So glad you are having a great time with your parents~tell them hello from me! Mine just got in town yesterday~Yay for parents spoiling us!!