On Thin Ice

My back and feet have been killing me this past week.  Between the swelling of my ankles and the constant pain in my lower back from carrying 30 extra pounds (that’s right – I said 30), its been a rough week.  Which means I’ve been complaining more than usual.  Which means Chris is about to leave me.  Which wouldn’t be so bad except he still hasn’t fixed the closet doors in the baby’s room.

Normally, he’s pretty good about keeping his frustrations in check.  He never complains about me complaining.   And whenever I don’t feel good, he always gives me a bear hug that buries my face into his chest (…so that I can’t speak anymore).  But last night, some of his true thoughts accidentally seeped out.

I was sitting on the couch in the living room with my feet elevated and ice on my ankles, rubbing my lower back.

“I think this is what the whole third trimester might be,” I whined.

“What, sweetie?”  Chris asked, in his most understanding voice.  “Grumpy all the time?”



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4 responses to “On Thin Ice

  1. Lori

    I am up 30 pounds too–and babycenter.com said that I will probably gain at least 10 more over the next 10 weeks. The third trimester is definitely not as fun as the second 😦

    And just imagine all of the whining that would happen if the roles were reversed and our husbands were carrying these babies!

  2. Uh oh…he IS on thin ice! : ) I hope you feel better. And if that won’t happen, I hope you can at least humourously document all your “feeling bad” days on your blog. I get a kick out of other peoples’ miseries…

  3. chloe86

    Poor you! 😦 Before it was the stomach… and now your back and your ankles… The only thing I can say is “Come on! You can do it!” 😉
    I really admire you 🙂

  4. emilyroseposts

    I’ll take my BFF anyway I can get her – grumpy or not.