Only The Greatest Thing to Ever Happen

In honor of my one year anniversary of confessing about my marriage, I’m doing the first ever Marriage Confessions Giveaway!

Enter a comment on this posting and you will be entered to win (…drumroll, please):  This lovely stationary and gift wrap set from New York designer, Sarah Champlin, owner of Sarah Marie Stationary and Wrap.


Sarah is an interior designer in Manhattan who I am currently loving.  She designs stationary, notecards, wrapping paper, and even sells the ribbons that match!  Who doesn’t love a good ribbon?  And the best part is that she’s eco-friendly and all of her paper is printed on recycled materials.  As an added bonus Sarah is kindly offering a 25% discount to all Marriage Confessions readers who spend more than $10.00 on her site between now and the end of March.  Just visit and enter the coupon code COYMC25.

If you win and you receive your package and notice the ink is running, its just because I’ve been drooling over the stationary since it arrived at my house last week.  Those of you who know me personally have probably received a handwritten note from me at some point.  I love stationary and all things paper.  I’m a big fan of technology and blogging, but nothing beats a good handwritten note.  I’m so glad that my first giveaway is something so near and dear to my heart.

To be entered into this fabulous, life changing, letter-writing, gift-wrapping extravaganza, simply leave a comment below.  To be entered TWICE to win, leave a comment and then link my blog to yours or send a friend to my site.  Be sure that you note your blog link in the comment or that your friend notes who sent them in their comment.  Good things happen when you spread the word.  Spreading the word is good.  So is stationary.  And notecards.  And wrapping paper.  And bows.

The winner will be announced tomorrow, so don’t forget to check back in.

This giveaway is a small token of my incredible appreciation for your support and encouragement of this here blog.  I started blogging as a way to flex my rusty writing muscles, but it has become a true joy for me and something that I find incredibly fulfilling.  So, thanks for being a part of that.


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40 responses to “Only The Greatest Thing to Ever Happen

  1. maureenlynn

    hello i’m entering the contest!

  2. Hilary

    Yeah for one year anniversary! The stationary is super cute! Was part of the contest to include a reason why we should win? Okay, hmmm . . . well my baby is about to turn one year old on March 24th so it’s kind of close to your blog’s “birth” as well.

  3. Brooke

    I have been a faithful follower for some time so congrats on the one year mark. You are very funny and talented writer, I can’t wait to see what comes next!! So congrats again from Iowa!

  4. Sarah

    Congrats on your 1 year anniversary Katie! I have enjoyed reading your entries from day one and I’m so glad that I know you in real life, too!

    And… I want some stationery! : )

  5. Alex

    congrats on the blog anniversary! i’m not a frequent commenter, but i really enjoy reading your posts AND i love stationary!

  6. emilyroseposts

    Happy Birthday, Marriage Confessions. 🙂

  7. Nora

    Happy one year blogging anniversary!

  8. I love me some pretty paper too! Pick me, pick me! 🙂

    I’ve also linked to your blog from mine… but maybe you already knew that.

  9. Wow, wouldn’t this make a lovely anniversary gift for my wonderful wife!? She (also a faithful reader of your hilarity) and I have been married for 17 years next month.


    ps: did you know that guys read your blog too? Just checking. BTW, where is your Chris’ promised entry?

  10. Linda

    Congrats to you for looking so good! I’ve been lurking for the past week and catching up on the archives. It makes me remember my own prego time fondly, and that was only a few months ago! Pretty paper is great for all those overdue thank you notes!

  11. Leah Dahl

    1 year may not seem like a long time, but keeping up with a blog for that long is no small feat! I’ve let several blogs die after just a few months. Congrats!

  12. Jen

    I’ve been a-lurking for a while since a friend of mine joined your Facebook group, and not only do I find myself checking every day, you inspired me to get back to blogging, so go you! It’s always good to have important stuff to do at work…

  13. Hip Hip Horray for Giveaways! 🙂 The stationary is adorable. Perrrrrrrrrfect for writing preggy thank yous. 😉


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  15. Lori

    Congrats on your 1 year Blogging Anniversary! I only starting reading around the time you got pregnant, so I have a lot of old, non-baby-related posts to catch up on!

    You are on the Blogroll on my blog, but I will be giving you a shout-out today with info about the contest. We pregnant ladies have to stick together 🙂

  16. Sarah Burnett

    i love how obsessed the Tillman family is with pens and papers. it’s a little scary walking into office depot with your sister 🙂

    my friend Katherine would surely enjoy your witt –

  17. Ginny


    I haven’t updated my blog in about a year so I feel like it doesn’t count. But — I have gotten several people in my office to read this thing!!

    Ginny’s crew — give me some love in the comments. Kelly – Jenn – Ashley – Jeanette — I’m talking to you.

    • Kelly

      Fine, fine. Love to Ginny. And to pens and paper!!! Ginny is *almost* more obsessed than me. So if I win I will give her one note. And fine, one envelope. Aren’t I such a good friend!?

      Claire – I know you will love this blog if you start reading it. Comment here and help me win! I’ll give you one note too. And fine! One envelope too.

  18. Deb

    I loved the pic yesterday of the guys at the mall, Chris wasn’t lying, lol. Chris should start blogging at least once a month!

  19. Gina

    Ah…my comment will get lost…but hey…its worth a try! I’ve never won anything in my life lol!

    I tried my little heart out when the Backstreet Boys came to NY (when I was in HS)…if I ever wanted to win anything so bad in my life it was at that moment. >sigh<

    Anyway, good luck to everyone who entered!!!

  20. I love stationary, and giveaways, so this is pretty win-win for me!

  21. Sarah Barker

    You know how much I like to send notes. 🙂

  22. Jenn is right, she has gotten her bookclub hooked on your blog. She referred me. And your blog is linked on my blog.

    Jenn wrote:
    oh, pick me, pick me. I have linked your blog, and am personally responsible for all of my book club members and female co-workers reading your blog. So, you should totally pick me.

  23. Who doesn’t love stationary?! And eco-friendly too! Good work!

  24. Wahoo!!! This is a cool giveaway—I only ever think to do gift cards (and that hasn’t been for ages). Thanks for giving me a chance!

  25. Caroline

    LOVE the stationary!!!

  26. tbrown

    umm..since we are cousins, i suggest you rig it somehow so i win… u guys and miss ya

  27. stephanie

    Pretty please!? I would LOVE this stationary, You rock!!

  28. oh, pick me, pick me. I have linked your blog, and am personally responsible for all of my book club members and female co-workers reading your blog. So, you should totally pick me.

  29. How fun, enter me in the drawing! My sister Sarah(previous post) recommended your blog to me, and then because I love to take the overachieving steps, I linked to your blog from my blog 🙂

  30. Sarah

    This is excellent!! Please enter me for free pretty paper.

  31. Ok, I just mentioned it in my blog too!

  32. I would LOVE to win some pretty stationary. Yay for giveaway!

  33. Dana

    I want stationery!
    I’d post my blog link, but I haven’t posted in weeks, so I had to turn in my blogging badge. I don’t think blogging for work counts toward getting my badge back.

  34. Catherine

    Yay for beautiful stationary!

  35. Kristin

    Wooohooo. I’m the first to comment. Which in my opinion means I should WIN something!!! Your blog is linked to my blog..