A Post I Am Not Qualified to Write


Now, I don’t normally bring current events into this here blog because…well…they bore me.  And why waste my time writing about things that bore me?  But I just have to say what a dope I feel like Ed Liddy is.  For those of you who are like me and try not to keep up with the news too often, Ed Liddy is the CEO of the publicity and morality challenged AIG insurance company.  You know?  The company whose giving away millions to the goons who made the bad decisions in the first place.  More specifically, the goons who have separated me from my beloved Target.  Yeah.  Those goons.

Anyway, last night I was half concentrating on the news while fully concentrating on painting my toenails (cause those are my priorities in life) and I kept hearing the name “Ed Liddy, Ed Liddy, Ed Liddy.”  I said something to Chris about how that name sounded to familiar to me, and he responded that it probably sounded familiar because he was MAKING NATIONAL HEADLINES.

“No…that’s not it…” I said.  And I started Googling.

Come to find out, Ed Liddy was the former CEO of Allstate Insurance, where I used to work.  I used to get emails from his guy on a daily basis!  Granted, they were to the entire company, but still.  Somewhere I have an email from Ed Liddy addressed to me.  As I Googled on, I discovered that Ed Liddy was asked to step in as CEO AFTER AIG had essentially gone under and the government stepped in.  Its not like he was there and this all happened.  He was brought in AFTER THE FACT.  And even more than that, they brought him out of RETIREMENT to enter this circus.

And he still.  took.  the.  job.

That’s just insane.  That’s like saying to someone, “Hey, I got this boat with a giant hole in it and I’d like you to come in and plug the hole, bail out the water, and make it sail again.  And I want you to do it blindfolded.  And drunk.”

And what did Mr. Liddy say?  “Okey dokey!”

Now, I’m not one to speak on financial matters, or governmental matters, or a person’s choice of profession, but I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that you’d be hard pressed to find any other retiree who would trade in his Birkenstocks and socks for days spent getting your ass beaten by a Congressional committee…  But maybe that’s just me.

(I’m not sure where this post came from, but I can guarantee that I will never post something like this again.  Unless I’m blindfolded.  And drunk.)


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3 responses to “A Post I Am Not Qualified to Write

  1. Nana To Be

    I couldn’t agree more with morrie bryant. If the past few months have taught me anything, its that the government needs stick with what they know…..and that certainly isn’t how to run a corporate industry. They sounded like 3rd graders trying to grill these corporate CEOs. Well, said, Morrie!

  2. I’ll guess he shelved the Birkenstocks because they were going to pay him an obscene amount of money.

    On another note, how exciting that you can reach your toenails to paint them! 🙂

  3. morrie bryant

    I agree. Ed Liddy displayed more character, and certainly a lot more expertise in the business, management, and statesmanship than any of the uninformed, posturing politicians who tried to waterboard him today. I wouldn’t have blamed him if he’d said “Okay, you run it”, thrown the taxpayers’ $1.00 on the table, and walked out… but he’s a better man than that.

    The ignorance and arrogance displayed by most of the subcommittee members was pitiful to say the least.