A Pause During Pregnancy


1.  Diet Coke – I’m sure that I could have some in moderation, but I read somewhere a long time ago that they didn’t know how the sweetener in diet drinks effected babies and so I have steered clear.  But, oh how I miss them.  I think they miss me, too.

2.  My feet – I know they are still down there, but its been a while since I’ve seen them.  I hope they are doing okay.

3.  Spicy tuna rolls – I have been eating sushi while I’m pregnant, but only the vegetarian kind or the shrimp tempora, since the shrimp is cooked.  But my absolute favorite are spicy tuna rolls.  I miss them terribly.  I usually sneak one bite when we are having sushi (sure, I’m deathly afraid of drinking Diet Coke, but I’ll down raw fish in a millisecond.  I know, it makes no sense…), but I long for a big roll all to myself.

4.  My big chunky jewelry – I love big jewelry.  Necklaces, earrings.  All of it.  But when you are huge, the last thing you want to do is add MORE big, chunky things to your appearance.

5.  Shoelaces – I can’t get down to them, so I’ve been wearing slip on shoes instead.  But I miss my tennis shoes.  And their laces.

6.  Sleeping on my stomach – Ahhh…..  Let me just relish that thought for a minute….  So good….

7.  Pants with buttons – My maternity pants keep falling down because of that stupid elastic waistband.  I can’t wait to put on a pair of my real jeans with real buttons and real zippers.  Sometimes I catch myself staring at women’s crotches in total jealousy of their buttons.  I’m really making an effort to stop doing that.

8.  Clothes sizes – Normal clothes are measured in numbers (4, 6, 10, 12…).  Maternity clothes are measured in statements (medium, large, X-large, you-are-freaking-huge-large).  I’m ready for the non-judgmental numbers again.


yhst-29523360387793_2043_7236494001.  Tummy Butter – As big as I am, I do not have ONE stretch mark yet.  Not one.  And I owe it all to Palmer’s Tummy Butter.  I hate the way it smells (like sour vanilla, if you ask me), but it does wonders on the belly.

2.  A heating pad – You aren’t really supposed to get your body temperature too high when you’re preggo, but nothing soothes my sore back like a heating pad.  I keep it on low and I don’t use it for very long.  But when you stretch out in bed at the end of the day (that’s when my back hurts the most), nothing feels better than a little bit of heat to soothe those muscles.

lying-prenancy-wedge-green 3.  My Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Pillow – This pillow wedges under your belly and helps keep it level while you are sleeping.  It is so helpful and keeps me from hurting my back even more.  Although, its kind of hard when you roll over in the middle of the night because you have to drag your wedge pillow with you.  I’ve knocked Chris with it so many times…

4.  Strawberries – I eat ’em every day, all day, in everything.  And if its not an actual strawberry I’m eating, its a strawberry flavored something.  I so wish I had craved chocolate or something decadent, but I’m all about the strawberries.

5.  Chris – Everyone should have a Chris when they are pregnant.  He’s a foot rubber, back rubber, heating pad adjuster, dinner cooker, trash taker outer, clean upper, dish washer, heavy things carrier, compliment giver, and stud muffin all rolled into one.


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8 responses to “A Pause During Pregnancy

  1. Sarah

    Thanks for all of this! I will write them down and keep the list handy 🙂 Especially about the pillows!!

  2. chloe86

    Humm… Can engaged girls order a Chris for future pregnancies?? 😉

    I’m sorry for all the things you miss, but I’m glad you always have “a” Chris by your side. 🙂


  3. I JUST ordered a wedge pillow a few days ago! At 6 months, it is getting harder and harder to sleep. I look at my husband all sleeping on his stomach and want to hit him. But I don’t…

    The only way I sleep for real is when I use him as a body pillow and sleep in the crook of his arm with an arm and a leg thrown over. He can’t sleep on his back, but volunteered to loose some sleep so I can get some. Josh’s are pretty awesome too:)

  4. I’ll have to keep this list for when I get pregnant—I’m specifically interested in the magic creme! Thanks!

  5. Not sure if you want to make the investment now, but you can enjoy sleeping on your stomach with the Baby Wink, Inc. Maternity Pillow. I purchased one with my 2nd baby and have passed it around and used it with my other two.

    And it’s a bummer you’re not allowed to have your tuna! I definitely would’ve really missed that healthy stuff through four pregnancies… I craved it!

  6. Lori

    I have been contemplating a post about what I miss from my pre-pregnant life too. Spicy tuna rolls are high on that list!

  7. hope you can keep us updated for the whole rest of your time

  8. Aww… thanks baby.

    ***Readers please note: a Chris can be a hard thing to find… If you are thinking about becoming pregnant, or are already pregnant, and you are in need of a Chris, check your local watering holes. They’re not cheap, and they can be tough to find, but they are totally worth it.

    And definitely DO NOT settle for anything less… not a christopher…. or a kris…. they just aren’t the same.****