I Am a Yummy Mummy

This morning I was checking in over at Archives of Our Lives, like I do every morning.  Camille posted pictures of this incredibly cute diaper bag by this company called Yummy Mummy.  Being a soon-to-be Yummy Mummy, I had to have it.  It is adorable.

The Amelia Bag by Yummy Mummy

The Amelia Bag by Yummy Mummy

As luck would have it, Yummy Mummy is having a give away right now.  And if I tell you all about their give away and I put that cute little button over there on the side of my blog, then I get entered TWICE to win!  So, if you were checking in to Marriage Confessions today hoping to find a cute little story, or a delightful antidote, you’re up a creek.  Cause I want that bag.  Deal with it.

And go visit Yummy Mummy, if you’re in the motherly way.  Or if you know someone who is in the motherly way.  Or if you want to be in the motherly way.  Or if you were recently in the motherly way.  All motherly way associates should check it out.

(…and tell them that Camille and Katie sent you.  Maybe we’ll get extra bonus points!)


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2 responses to “I Am a Yummy Mummy

  1. moderncranberry

    While I hope I’m not in a motherly way for at least 5 more years, that bag is hot. It makes me want to steal my cousin or make one of my brothers have a child for me to abduct so I can carry around this bag.

    I hope you win it!

  2. Sweet. They’re super cute, huh? I can’t stop saying “super cute” around these bags. I don’t even like the phrase, but I like these bags.