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Chris and I have been married for 4 years. We were high school sweethearts. He was the first person to ride in my new car when I turned 16. We dated as high schoolers do – dramatically and sporadically- for a few years and then it was time for college. We decided to go to separate schools so that we would have the experience of meeting others, so he headed off to the University of Central Florida in Orlando and I packed up for Florida State University in Tallahassee. Four years of long distance dating later, there was a diamond ring on my finger and we were married the summer after we graduated at the ripe old age of 23.

Everyone thought we were crazy.


Things pretty much haven’t slowed down since we got married. We moved that summer to Connecticut, where Chris had been accepted to Yale Drama for technical theater. I went to work as a legal assistant at and a year later moved to a position at Yale. A few months after this career change, I decided to pursue a masters of my own in Organizational Management of Higher Education part-time at Quinnipiac University while continuing to work full-time. Chris and I both graduated (finally!) in May. He began a full-time position at Hudson Scenic in June of 2008 working in the automation department building scenery for Broadway. We bought our first house that same month and are trying to figure out how to own a home one day at a time.


We found out a few months later that – SURPRISE! – we were pregnant!  Its a boy and he is due June 3, 2009.  While the Bean (as we like to call him) has already certainly changed our marriage and our lifestyle, we are loving every minute of this new phase.  We’re learning more about our marriage and each other, and we just can’t wait to see what life will bring once the Bean is actually here!


With so much happening at such a fast pace, it is easy to get caught up in a panic. There are lots of variables in our equation right now, and I was an English major for crying out loud! But even with all the activity in our lives, I hardly ever worry. Things have been so good for so long for the two of us that life seems to have taken on a “always on the sunny side” attitude. As we both learn to balance our family, careers, friends, home, and busy schedules, I’m sure there will be days – maybe even weeks? – where we will be ready to kill each other or ourselves, but for now we’ll continue to ride this wave of good fortune for as long as possible.

This blog is not a how-to guide for marriage.  It certainly isn’t meant to be advice on the right way to begin and grow a marriage because, goodness knows, Chris and I are the last people who are qualified to give that kind of guidance.  And Lord help the person who turns to us as an example!!  Marriage is hard.  Its messy.  Its complicated.  But more than any of that, its a heck of a lot of fun.  This blog is to share our story, our ups and downs.  Its an inside look at a real marriage.  A real marriage that we work hard to keep.  And a real marriage that I’m proud of.

Its our love story, and its quite a ride…


16 responses to “About Us

  1. chloe86

    Thanks for your comment! 🙂
    Wow! I’m so happy for you! your life is perfect!
    My boyfriend and I are thinking of getting married, but my parents also think we’re mad (just like yours). Are parents all the same?
    Congrats for this great blog!


  2. Very cool blog! Great resource for young couples!

  3. Jane

    Wow, this sounds like the story of my boyfriend and I.. we have been together since we were 16/17, now we are 19/20. We plan to get married in a few years and everyone thinks we are a bit mad, but still agree that we are soul mates. Good on you girl! Prove them wrong, their is nothing wrong with being in love when you haven’t got wrinkles 😉 Will keep reading your updates, how is baby? 😀

  4. Angelica

    You two are so cute. I was curious to see if any other HSSH’s get married besides people that I know personally. I’ve been with my boyfriend for a bit over three years, (we were 1&2 months shy of our 17th bdays when we started dating) I knew him since we were 15. The first day I met him, we were in our second month of media studies (oct 2004) and I sat on his lap because he was TOO quiet while we were working in a group.
    I’ll be 20 in 3 weeks and we’re still dating=)
    The time flew, but I figure it’s cause we still have fun & love one another although we’ve had our hard times, really hard times.

    Anywho, it’s nice to see others out there because a lot of people have said
    “You met in high school, you’ll get tired”
    “It’s not gonna last, sweetie.”
    pssshhh, maybe there’s a reason why those people aren’t in my life.

    Hope you guys are enjoying marriage!<3

  5. lakenshift

    Just ran across your blog. Really enjoy it. My wife and I started dating at 13, married at 20, and been married for 7 years with our second little one on the way. Stay strong with the little one, shim (combo of she/him) will be here soon.

  6. Angela

    This is adorable. I started dating my high school sweetheart Eric at 16, although he is two years older. We plan on getting married right out of college, which seems so far away for the both of us(we have always lived an hour apart). It’s so awesome to see some people still making it.

  7. hmmm….looks juicy! glad i found your blog. best wishes.!

  8. Greetings from Singapore Katie & Chris 😀

    Remember me? Betty from Singapore and what a joy to read and I must thank your Grandma, Louise for giving me the blog address.

    Has it really been three years since you both got married? How time flies really and we are so happy to be a part of the wedding celebration back in those days.

    I will be back Katie & Chris and all of us including Darren, Bibiana and Shania wishes you much happiness as you both embraced life as Husband & Wife 🙂

    Do visit my blog at http://www.soshiok-.blogspot.com and hey I will be back.

    Luv always

  9. Julie

    Hi Katie! It’s your cousin from TN. Mom passed along your website to me, and it’s so wonderful to know how great you and Chris are doing. Good luck in your new home-I’m so excited for y’all! Hey, check out Jeff’s website http://www.fatpossumcaves.com. It’s mostly about caves, which may bore you to tears, but you can see some of our funny family stuff on there, too. Bradley is now 8-going into 3rd grade, and Nicholas is 4 1/2.
    btw, I loved Gin’s April fools day joke!

  10. Just checking out your blog, love it.

    Love Uncle Tim

  11. MsChefous

    Wow! I also stumbled upon your blog, and I find it encouraging – I’m about to get married! All the best to you both!

    I’m actually jealous that you are getting ready to start out – nothing compares to the first year of marriage. Soak it up! ~ Katie

  12. Congratulations on your exciting life and on your marriage of three years.

    Jerry and I will celebrate 52 come June 27th. It’s been tremendous–joys and sorrows, hurts and highs, days to kill and days to soothe. Four children, twelve grands and eight great-grands–all gorgeous and brilliant, of course.

    Enjoy your blog and wish you every blessing.


    52 years – how encouraging! Maybe we’ll have it figured out a little better by then! Thanks for the warm blessings. ~ Katie

  13. christiecoleman75

    I stumbled upon you and wanted to say how cute y’all are. I also married my high school sweetheart. But we didn’t go to college first. We got married at 19, then had a first son at 21. Anyway, I hope you don’t mind if I blog stalk you. Take care.
    Hi Christie! Thanks for the comments. Stalk away!! I hope to hear from you from time to time….

  14. Katie and Chris – I have just now found your Blog. It is so “you.” It has been exciting to watch you and Chris on this journey since 15 years old. My first grandchild – you have always amazed me. I’ll be watching you both as you EXCEL in whatever you do. Will be there to see the new house! Much love.

  15. jackie

    The two of you have a very special relationship. Trust me, we are all so excited and happy for you guys. It’s a lot of fun watching all the exciting stuff that happens on this adventure. We can’t wait to see you in May. It’s all sooo EXCITING!!

  16. Laurel

    Aww Kate, I am thrilled to hear that you are doing so well! Scary and exciting are what it is all about- or so I hear?? 🙂 Say hello to Chris for me! I miss you both!

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