Name: Lucy

Breed: Chihuahua/Dauschund Mix

Age: 5

Birthday: December 14

I got Lucy my sophomore year of college and she has been everywhere with me since. She loves people but hates other dogs. She’s hit and miss with Molly – sometimes she likes her, sometimes she ignores her, and sometimes she chews her face off. At the moment she is battling a little weight issue, by order of her vet. She’s topping the scales at 18 pounds, but we’re working to get it down to between 12 and 15. Her favorite activity is sleeping in the sun patches in the living room. If she were a person, she would be your 85 year old crazy Aunt Gladys who always complains, has a weird sense of humor, and goes to the beauty parlor once a week.


5 responses to “Lucy

  1. GYL

    soooo cute! I would love a daschund x poodle. I think they are called doodles. I prefer daschoodle myself 🙂

  2. dreaskydiva

    I was going to blogroll you anyway, based on your writing, but I have to confess – the dog in the elephant suit woulda sold me anyway.

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  4. eastside resident

    sorry, forgot to add. Lucy is one cute pup!!!! adorable.

  5. eastside resident

    She is lucky to have you and your husband 🙂

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