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Fall is for Fashion

Fall is my favorite season.  I live in Connecticut all year long just so I can spend fall here.  I love when the air gets crisp and when fall flowers come into season.

Fall flowers in my kitchen

Fall flowers in my kitchen

And I love fall fashion, too.  Like these lovely new shoes that I bought this weekend at Target.  Adorable!

Adorable new shoes

Adorable new shoes

But what I do NOT love about fall is the transition into fall.  Those first few weeks when the weather is cool then warm then cool then warm.  And I don’t know whose I idea it was to put tiny closets in New England, but that decision should really be reconsidered.  In Florida, where your entire wardrobe consists of tank tops and flip flops that could be fit into one medium sized suitcase, the closets are freaking huge!  But come to Connecticut, where you need clothes for four seasons instead of one, where three out of four seasons a year you are wearing multiple layers of clothing, the closets are the size of a Mini Cooper.

In order to adapt to this great Mystery of the North, a girl learns that you rotate your clothes in shifts.  At the beginning of each season, you change over your clothes, shoes, purses, and (if you’re me) perfume.  But the challenge facing every Northerner – when do you change your closets?

I always, always choose the wrong time.  Every year, I get excited at the first cool day and I change my closet over too soon.  Then, the weather changes again, and I have to go digging through boxes for clothes that I JUST PACKED UP!  So, this year, I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  I had two little cardigans that I kept wearing over my cute summer outfits to work, and after three weeks of cool weather, I decided it was safe to change my closets over.  This past weekend, I put away my sundresses and strappy sandals and unpacked my fall jackets and long pants.

One guess what happened the next day.  75 degrees.  I was dressed like I was going to a fall harvest festival in my wool skirt and knee-high boots, and I was sweating like a beast.  So, now I don’t know what to do.  Do I ride out this warm weather and hope it is just a short little blip, or do I put away my fall clothes for another few weeks?

Sometimes I wish I was a nudist…  Then again, my fall shoes are really cute.  Do nudists wear shoes?



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