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I Am a Yummy Mummy

This morning I was checking in over at Archives of Our Lives, like I do every morning.  Camille posted pictures of this incredibly cute diaper bag by this company called Yummy Mummy.  Being a soon-to-be Yummy Mummy, I had to have it.  It is adorable.

The Amelia Bag by Yummy Mummy

The Amelia Bag by Yummy Mummy

As luck would have it, Yummy Mummy is having a give away right now.  And if I tell you all about their give away and I put that cute little button over there on the side of my blog, then I get entered TWICE to win!  So, if you were checking in to Marriage Confessions today hoping to find a cute little story, or a delightful antidote, you’re up a creek.  Cause I want that bag.  Deal with it.

And go visit Yummy Mummy, if you’re in the motherly way.  Or if you know someone who is in the motherly way.  Or if you want to be in the motherly way.  Or if you were recently in the motherly way.  All motherly way associates should check it out.

(…and tell them that Camille and Katie sent you.  Maybe we’ll get extra bonus points!)



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Baby Steps

I’m warming up to thinking about the whole labor/delivery/shooting people out of my body thing.  To get used to the idea,  I’ve decided to concentrate on an area of my pregnancy that involves the hospital.

My hospital bag.

Its much easier to get my head around what my body is about to go through if I know exactly what I’m going to be wearing.  I’ve spent the past few nights looking for the perfect overnight duffle bag and pajamas to take to the hospital with me.

I think I’ll carry this duffle bag:


Who wouldn’t be okay going anywhere when they are carrying this duffle?  I mean, one look at those happy flowers and I almost forget that I’m about to drop a watermelon between my legs.  

I said almost…

When I first started looking at pajamas, I picked out these snazzy pants:


And this cute little robe:


Isn’t that cute and so very non-baby-shooter-outer-ish?  I really loved it.  But then I sent it to Chris and he reminded me that it may not be a good idea to wear PANTS on the day that I’m supposed to GIVE BIRTH.  Point of entry and all that jazz… So, now I am on the hunt for the perfect nightgown.  Something cute and sweet.  This will be the first time I meet the baby, and I want to make a good first impression.  Besides, when you are wearing something warm, soft, and pretty like this you can almost forget that you are about to go through the most pain you’ve ever experienced in your life.  

I said almost…

And speaking of the baby, I have been searching for his new duds, too.  Here is what he’s going to be wearing home from the hospital:


With this little hat:


And these little socks:


Wrapped in this little blanket:


Isn’t it the cutest?  It looks so clean.  You just KNOW he’s going to smell good when he’s wrapped in sweet peas.  And when a little bitty baby looks clean and smells like a sweet peas, you can almost forget that he just ripped your body in half.  

I said almost…

See what a big girl I’m being about this?  See how I’m facing my fears and learning about what I’m getting ready to experience?  In all honesty, it doesn’t seem so bad.  Its almost like I’m accepting what’s coming and embracing this new miracle of life that is about to torpedo out of my body.

I said almost…


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The Clothes are Half the Fun!

I always wanted to dress up my dogs.  When the little one, Lucy, was smaller I was so excited because she was the perfect size for cute dog clothes.  But she hated them.  There were a few different things that could happen when you tried to dress Lucy up.  She might bite you.  She might shred the clothes.  Or she might freeze and not move a muscle.  None of these options were pleasant.  Over the years, though, I was able to get a few good outfits out of her.  Reindeer antlers at Christmas one year.  A Florida State football jersey for Homecoming one year.  And last year’s Halloween costume was magnificent.

Lucy as Elephant

Lucy as Elephant

You can't tell, but she is growling in this picture

You can't tell, but she is growling in this picture

Sadly, however, this was my final attempt to dress up my dog.  I gave up after this.  She bit me when I put her in the costume, then she stood there frozen in this position pictured above until I removed the costume, and then she shredded the elephant trunk.  Bad dog.

I realized this past weekend though that I might have a second chance at dressing something up.  I have a baby on the way.  And he’s helpless.  And he can’t talk so he can’t complain.  And he can’t bite because he won’t have teeth for a while.  He’ll be the puppy I never had.

After I made this discovery, I headed off to the Carter’s store (a.k.a.  Baby Mecca).  It was my first time in a whole Carter’s store and, I have to say, even for a seasoned shopper like me, it was a little intimidating.  So many options!  And they were all so tiny!  When I first walked in, I thought I was in trouble.  So many things to buy!  But turns out, I already own half of the entire Carter’s collection (thanks, Mom!) and so there wasn’t all that much left to buy.  I did find some pretty cute little outfits though.

Like this one.  Everyone loves a dinosaur…

Dino Duds

Dino Duds

And this cute little alligator outfit…

Hot stuff

Hot stuff

And then this cute little ensemble.  This is for when he’s hanging out with his Daddy in the Man Cave.  (Side Note:  I think Chris may already actually own this same outfit.)

I got this jacket on sale for $3.99 and the shirt for $1.99!!!

I got this jacket on sale for $3.99 and the shirt for $1.99!!!

I’m so glad I’m having a baby and not a puppy.  Babies seem to be much easier…


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Walk a Mile in My Shoes…and then eat them

These are my shoes.


I’ve had them since 6th grade.  That’s right.  6th grade.  And I wear them all the time.  When I was in middle school and my mom bought them for me, I thought they were hideous.  And now – 14 YEARS LATER – I still think they are hideous, but I’ve learned to love them.  For one thing, they are comfortable.  Although since I’ve become pregnant, my feet seem to have grown a bit and so they have gotten a little tight.  But barring the child-bearing thing, they are comfy cozy.  And while they look pretty crappy on their own, they look really great with a good pair of jeans.  Rugged and boot-like, but lift the pants leg a little and – surprise!  They’re not actually boots!  How’d you like that?!?  It still doesn’t make them fashionable, but it makes them my favorite.

And its not like in 14 years I haven’t tried to replace them.  I’ve got a closet full of shoes (two closets and a Rubbermaid tub, actually).  Every boot rack I pass I try to find a pair to replace my faux-boots.  But in 14 years, I have yet to find anything even close.  Once, I even tried on a pair of brown Crocs to see if maybe it was the style I liked, but whoa was that a mistake…

So, imagine how I felt when I came home from work today to find this:


And this:


That’s right.  Molly ate my favorite pair of shoes from 6th grade.  And if it weren’t for Chris, Molly would be living on the streets right now.

With my brown faux boots up her ass.


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Living Large

Will someone please tell me what the deal is with maternity clothes?  I don’t understand.  They cost a fortune, first of all.  And because there are not many discount stores (like TJ Maxx or Marshalls) that carry them, you are usually stuck paying full price.  And while I have never had problems forking over cash for clothing, I DO Have problems forking over cash for clothing that I grow out of in about a week.

I think I’m doing it wrong.  I’m buying clothes and then outgrowing them in record time.  Two weeks or one good washing later, the pants don’t fit and I can’t button my blouses over my belly.  And everything is made out of stretchy material, which is awesome for laying around the house in.  But when I have to get dressed to go out in public, I feel like a sausage that someone is squeezing in the middle.

I actually think I know what I’m doing wrong.  Its that I’m scared to buy bigger maternity clothes.  For Christmas this year, my Mom gave me a few really cute maternity outfits for work.  She also gave me a pair of enormous jeans.  E-nor-mous.  I unwrapped them, held them up, and started crying right there in the middle of Christmas.  Just burst into tears right there next to the Christmas tree.  My Mom immediately took the jeans and put them in a box with the promise that I didn’t have to look at them.

If I was mature enough to handle it, I actually need those bigger clothes.  Maybe they’re a little too big right now, but I’m getting so big, so fast that it won’t take long at all before I’ll be able to fit into those jeans (hence the Christmas tears…).  I don’t know why I have a problem with getting so big.  I have never been a weight watcher.  I don’t even own a scale!  When I went to the doctor for my first prenatal visit, I couldn’t even tell them my start weight.  I had no idea!  But now that I’m packing it on exponentially, I’m starting to feel huge!

To solve this problem, I have decided to wear sweat pants.  To everthing.  Maybe if I pair sweat pants with a sensible heel, no one at work will notice.  And for church, I could just wear little white gloves for a hint of sophistication.  I think that might work…


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Fall is for Fashion

Fall is my favorite season.  I live in Connecticut all year long just so I can spend fall here.  I love when the air gets crisp and when fall flowers come into season.

Fall flowers in my kitchen

Fall flowers in my kitchen

And I love fall fashion, too.  Like these lovely new shoes that I bought this weekend at Target.  Adorable!

Adorable new shoes

Adorable new shoes

But what I do NOT love about fall is the transition into fall.  Those first few weeks when the weather is cool then warm then cool then warm.  And I don’t know whose I idea it was to put tiny closets in New England, but that decision should really be reconsidered.  In Florida, where your entire wardrobe consists of tank tops and flip flops that could be fit into one medium sized suitcase, the closets are freaking huge!  But come to Connecticut, where you need clothes for four seasons instead of one, where three out of four seasons a year you are wearing multiple layers of clothing, the closets are the size of a Mini Cooper.

In order to adapt to this great Mystery of the North, a girl learns that you rotate your clothes in shifts.  At the beginning of each season, you change over your clothes, shoes, purses, and (if you’re me) perfume.  But the challenge facing every Northerner – when do you change your closets?

I always, always choose the wrong time.  Every year, I get excited at the first cool day and I change my closet over too soon.  Then, the weather changes again, and I have to go digging through boxes for clothes that I JUST PACKED UP!  So, this year, I waited.  And waited.  And waited.  I had two little cardigans that I kept wearing over my cute summer outfits to work, and after three weeks of cool weather, I decided it was safe to change my closets over.  This past weekend, I put away my sundresses and strappy sandals and unpacked my fall jackets and long pants.

One guess what happened the next day.  75 degrees.  I was dressed like I was going to a fall harvest festival in my wool skirt and knee-high boots, and I was sweating like a beast.  So, now I don’t know what to do.  Do I ride out this warm weather and hope it is just a short little blip, or do I put away my fall clothes for another few weeks?

Sometimes I wish I was a nudist…  Then again, my fall shoes are really cute.  Do nudists wear shoes?


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To Perfume or Not to Perfume

Its fall.  That means its time to change your shoes, put away your white (I don’t care what region of the country you live in, white is unacceptable after Labor Day…unless its winter white or in any form of cashmere, and then we need to talk), cover up your legs, and break out the coats.  One thing I do when the seasons change is change my perfume, too.  So its time for me to put away my floral aroma that is Happy by Clinique and dust off one of my heavier, spicier scents for Autumn.  I don’t want to smell like an apple pie, but I want to get as close as possible.

But changing perfumes always causes me problems.  I don’t know if its that I don’t know how much to wear of my new scent, or if its that I am just more aware of the smell because I’m not used to it yet, but I keep drowning myself in perfume.  It smells lovely (actually, that’s the name, too…Lovely, by Sarah Jessica Parker), but when I leave my house, I smell like I’m standing in a perfume factory.  I was starting to think maybe it was just me, but this morning on the shuttle ride to work, I noticed the tiny little Asian man riding in the seat next to me kept sniffing and snorting after I sat down.  I think my Loveliness overwhelmed him.

I have a love/hate relationship with perfume.  I love older women who walk by and leave a pretty scent.  I think that’s so classy.  My boss’ wife does this.  When she leaves my office, it smells like her for a little bit afterwards.  I love that.  She smells yummy.  However, I don’t think that appropriate for young women.  I don’t know why I think that though.  I haven’t read that anywhere, I’ve never heard a saying like, “Smell-good young ones are floosies!” but in my head, women under 50 should be seen and not smelled.  Over 50?  Leave a tail, baby.  So in my head, I am still about 30 years away from being allowed to smell too strong.

Is that weird?  Am I strange?  I don’t think so.  I think I just have an astute sniffer.  But I’m killing myself lately with my own Lovely smell.  I’m about to put myself on probation and go back to using Sunflower perfume, like I did in middle school.  That’ll teach me…


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